Interactive exercises to improve your skills as a musician


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SmartMusic is a program with interactive exercises for wind, metal, string, and percussion instruments, all designed to improve your skills as a musician. It can even be used by vocalists, who use their own bodies as an instrument.

When you open the program, SmartMusic will check your microphone to adjust the sound so there are no errors as you practice. The program can be used with 18 different instruments, so you don't have to worry about anything but improving your technique with these customized 'private classes.'

SmartMusic includes a large library with music you can use to practice. You can listen to the music while you play, increasing or decreasing the tempo as needed or isolating a certain part to work on with more focus.

SmartMusic not only helps individuals get better, but can also teach students who play in ensembles thanks to its 'Accompaniment' mode, which plays the parts of other instruments in the score at the same time as the individual student's.

And of course, the program also lets you record and review practice sessions so you can evaluate your own progress and see how you improve.
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